Flag of the Third Reich since 1935. To distinguish itself from the Eternal Reich and other Nazi derivatives, the original NSDAP banner is kept.


The Third Reich (known as Nazi Germany, the Original Germany, Deutschland, and simply the Reich) is an extremely powerful superpower on its original Earth, and an interuniversal power, thanks to the discovery and later aid-giving by the Eternal Reich. Nazi Germany was officially consolidated to power in 1935 under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, and continues to be led by a small hierarchy of devoted Nazis.

Government and Economy

The government of the Third Reich is authoritarian in nature, with obedience to the one Führer and the original visions of the first Führer, Adolf Hitler. Ever since the death of Hitler in 1979, he has become a psuedo-God to Germany.

The economy of the Third Reich depends mainly on the efforts put out by state-owned industries to supply the nation with whatever goods it needs. Rarely does it ever import materials, although exotic materials may be imported from allied nations.