The Omniverse is hypothesized to be a truly infinite plane of existence, suspending endless amounts of -verses within its cosmic womb. Although the Multiverse is more heavily popularized due to its "localized infinite size", the Omniverse is assumed to also carry innumerable amounts of Multiverses within its breadth.

As of the Current Age, the Omniverse has not been physically detected or proven, although centuries (& in some universes, millenniums) of dedicated mathematics and sciences point to a definitive "ultraform" existing.


The Omniverse is said to be "interdimensional, interversal, and interplanar", commonly being related to a spatial sea. In this eternal sea are infinite "waves", or Multiverses, across its surface, which move in its dimensional direction and rarely collide with others. In these "waves", universe types such as Monoverses, Cycloverses, and Polyverses are suspended as immeasurable bubbles in this smaller derivative of the sea.