The Roundel and Insignia of the Galactic Empire.


The Galactic Empire (otherwise known in its host universe as the Empire, the New Order, the Order, and the First Galactic Empire) is an extremely strong and industrialized superpower in the Multiverse. Stemming from its earlier rapports of controlling nearly an entire galaxy, the Galactic Empire's current interuniversal position gives it a helping hand in fielding trillions upon trillions for war and success. The Galactic Empire is a member of the Multiversal Sith Empire, which unites the Galactic Empire with other co-imperial benefactors, such as the First Order and the Sith Empire, after the Fifth-Dimensional Incident.

Government and Economy

The Galactic Empire's current economy inside of the Galaxy is nominal; considering the fact that it shares the galaxy with the Old & New Republic, the First Order, the Sith Empires, and the Confederacy. Alas, with the aforementioned alliance, the Galactic Empire really consolidates power over nearly half of the galaxy.

As for beyond their galaxy, the Galactic Empire has set up many colonies -- independent of the Multiversal Sith Empire, and answering only to the Galactic Empire -- in nearby universes. Such colonization led to a disturbing confrontation with the Imperium of Man, the Orks, the Tyranids, and the Chaos, leading to the inevitable Sith-Imperium War.

The Galactic Empire is inherently autocratic, with the Emperor (Darth Sidious) ruling as the autarch. Apart from this, most of the Empire is stratocratic, with Moffs and other officers holding key positions of power amongst the strife. Although civilian governors exist, they exist for little more than economic stability.

The economy of the Empire is gargantuan, with massive Kuat shipyards dedicated to routinely producing top-of-the-line star destroyers and spacecraft. The Empire only imports and exports from within the Multiversal Sith Empire.

Foreign Relations

  • The First Order - Fellow ally and member of the Multiversal Sith Empire. However, a main disparity between them is the living Supreme Leader Snoke versus the living Emperor Sidious, which obviously creates a large problem. Still, they have settled their leadership differences with common enemies.
  • The Sith Empires - Since so many Sith Empires rose and fell thousands of years Before the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Empire only maintains a strong relationship with the original Sith Empire, established by the original Dark Jedi.
  • The Republics/Alliance/Resistance: Kill them all.
  • The Confederacy of Independent Systems - Although officially neutral, the Galactic Empire and the Confederacy constant skirmish over the simplest of things. Namely, how the CIS have access to the blueprints for a prototype Death Star.
  • The Imperium of Man - In constant war with, in the Sith Region of the Milky Way (previously the Imperial Colonial Region, until the rest of the Multiversal Sith Empire got involved). Alas, the Galactic Empire fights more Tyranids, Orks, and Chaos rather than Imperium armies.
  • The Eternal Reich/The Third Reich - Officially neutral. Only one war has occurred with them in the past, and it was only for a few years at the start of the First Multiversal War.