A mere cataologue of any and all titles and "verses" that have and will be featured on the Duel of Aeons wiki.

  • Carbon-Copy Verse: An exact carbon copy of our Universe, in real time, with no prior extra-universal incidents until a particular date. One catch: they don't know a thing about any of the universes listed below. Don't know what their movies are...
  • World War 2 Verse: Starts in 1945, when the Third Reich meets the Eternal Reich.
  • Star Wars
    • Old Sith Empire
    • New Sith Empire
    • Old Republic
    • New Republic
    • The Alliance
    • The Resistance
    • The Galactic Empire
    • The First Order
    • The Yuuzhan Vong
    • The Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Star Trek
  • Warhammer 40K
    • Imperium of Man
  • [PROTOTYPE]: Their viruses sure cause a whole lot of interuniversal catastrophe...
  • Communistic Alternate Universe: A Universe in the modern day where the USSR and China have influenced the world scene, isntead of the US and NATO.
  • Hyper-capitalistic Alternate Universe: Our universe, but capitalism absolutely everywhere, and corporations dominating almost every aspect of life.
  • Secure, Contain, Protect/The Foundationverse: SCPs are great superweapons for the Empire.
  • Wolfenstein
    • The Man In the High Castle