Vader's Lambda shuttle and the Eclipse-class, being escorted by numerous Imperial Venators and Imperial-II Star Destroyers, enroute to a variation of Earth for peace talks.


The First Multiversal War, also known as the Grandest/Damnedest War, and the Infinite War, is the first multiversal instance of an entire region-invoking conflict. The First Multiversal War brought on quadrillions of deaths, and formed many new alliances that persisted even past the larger Second Multiversal War. Although there were some major singular players, many of the devestating attacks came from pacts and alliances. The First Multiversal War ended with an official meeting on the Republic & Imperial split world of Coruscant.


The Sith Bloc

  • The Sith Order - The faction that orchestrated the Sith bloc, the Sith Order was a key player in the First Multiversal War. All of the Dark Lords and Darths from the legends were alive, ranging from the Darth Andeddu all the way to the ages of Darth Krayt, their combined power made the influence of the Sith Bloc unimaginable. Until... other things happened.
  • The Galactic Empire
  • The First Order
  • The Sith Empire(s)
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) - Not really included in the Sith Bloc, due to breaking away literally a month into the war.

The Parallax of Light

  • The Old Republic - When "Sheev Palpatine" merged with his identical clone during the Fifth Dimensional Incident, many in the the Old Republic sided with the Parallax of Light.
  • The New Republic
  • The Rebel Alliance
  • The Resistance
  • The Jedi Order

The Comintern

  • The Union of Socialist Soviet Republics - Coming from the universe where almost all nations were communist, this hyperpower conquered other USSRs "peacefully" before creating the Comintern yet again.
  • The People's Republic of China - Exactly like above, but with other Chinas. Any Republic of Chinas found were destroyed, except for the Taiwanese ones.
  • The Greater Democratic People's Republic of United Korea
  • (Orwell) Eurasia & Eastasia - Eastasia still fought Eurasia during the war, but minimally.

The United Unions of Earth, Terra, and Gaea (UUETG)

  • The United Earth Government
  • The United Federation of Planets
  • The United Nations - Immediately disbanded after the start of the War.

The Axes of Nations

  • The Eternal Reich/The Third Reich
  • Drittes Reich (Wolfenstein)
  • Nazi Germany Variations (i.e Man in the High Castle)
  • (Orwell) Oceania